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LEVEL 1 & 2

Hypertrophy and Fat Loss Strategies for Everyday Clients

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Achieving an aesthetic physique seems to be getting immensely popular among our everyday clients. Many of them look for personal trainers to help them achieve their goals via a natural and healthy approach. These clients need sustainable transformation programme instead of competitive strategies. Thus, strategies need to be realistic and fun for the everyday client.


On the other hand, competitive strategies lead clients to extremely low body fat percentage and high muscle mass which usually last for only a couple of weeks as well as prone to usage of performance enhancement substance. Personal trainers with competitive background should not entirely rely on their personal transformation experience in helping everyday clients to transform because sustainable transformation is very different from competitive transformation.

This course aims to provide personal trainers with a strong understanding on scientific evidence available in this field and a systematic approach to manage clients’ body transformation programme in terms of building lean mass and losing fat based on scientific evidence and successful practices. The programme is built on the foundation of sustainability and adherence

Course Highlights

Receive Hands-on Coaching on How to Modify Exercise Techniques to Increase Muscle Tension

Muscle Group Exercise Analysis - Understanding Biomechanics and Role ("General", "Focussed" or "Isolation")

 Science of Hypertrophy, Fat Storage and Fat Loss

Systematic Programming for Hypertrophy and Fat Loss

Long Term Programming - Preparation, Hypertrophy Phase, Fat Loss Phase and Maintainance

How Female Menstrual Cycle Influence Training and Nutrition

Building a 3D Gluteal Muscle

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