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Certified Fitness Practitioner - Module 1 ( Fitness Instructor )

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The program focuses on enhancing students' ability to deliver clear and effective instructions for exercise setup and execution, as well as their proficiency in assessing movements. Participants will be introduced to the FEA A.C.T Resistance Training Method, which provides a framework for coaches to progressively advance their clients' exercises.
The program offers a comprehensive collection of exercises for each fundamental movement, organized by difficulty level.


This resource enables fitness practitioners to recommend specific exercises that are most suitable for their clients. In terms of cardiorespiratory training, participants will learn about the FEA 4 Zones Cardiorespiratory Training Model, which enables them to choose a training approach tailored to their clients' needs and objectives. Additionally, participants will gain an understanding of the essential components of a workout session, including how to design enjoyable and purposeful routines for clients at various skill levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). These routines are based on applied exercise science and internationally recognized training guidelines.

Who will this benefit?

Fitness enthusiasts who meet the prerequisites listed below
• Fitness professionals who want to obtain a certification or build a strong foundation in training
• Strength and conditioning professionals

Note: To fully benefit from this course, fitness enthusiasts should have pre-existing knowledge and
skills in resistance training and flexibility exercises, such as knowledge of exercise names, muscles
involved, techniques, and how to design a workout session, regardless of whether it is correct or

Participant Liability Waiver for Physical Activity Workshop/Course

Upon registering on our website for the chosen fitness certification courses and continuing education courses for fitness professionals, you declare that you have received clearance from your physician to be physically active and that you possess a reasonable level of physical ability and fitness to perform the drills and exercises introduced in the workshop/course. You will use your own discretion to determine if you are physically fit and healthy enough to participate in the workshop/course. The course provider will exercise all safety and precautionary measures to the best of their ability. However, under no circumstances shall the course provider be liable for any injury or death resulting from your involvement in the workshop/course. By registering, you agree not to seek a refund or any form of damages from the course provider under any circumstances.

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