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Get Fit from Home or the Gym

What is it that you want to achieve? Whether its weight loss or gaining my programs will include the right taste of strength training and/or cardiovascular training. Each programs are created after your initial consultation in a way that the programs specifically meet your needs, goals and ability level to help you get the result you have been seeking for.


  • Programs are provided on an monthly basis and will progress as your progress.

  • Free Basic Initial consultation to assess fitness level and personal goals.

  • Personal Fitness Programming.

  • 1 Complete Fitness Evaluation (Weight/ Body Fat %/Target Heart Rate/ Body Mass Index/Lean Body Mass/Before & After Picture) after 4 weeks to track progress.

  • Weekly consultation/motivation via app or phone

  • Connect your Fitbit to App

  • We can make weekly adjustments if you need

  • Fun and simple online exercise programs with access to 1000+ exercises

  • Access our Online Coaching APP anywhere you are

  • Feel stronger, more confident and empowered

  • A customized meal plan w/100's of recipes

  • Customized lifestyle and habit tracker

  • 24/7 support from your trainer via the APP


Making Personal Training easier with our App.

Ryaash PT is an app available on web and mobile platforms that features a library of over 7500+ high-definition exercise video demonstrations and customized programs tailored to your fitness level and objectives. The app also offers a comprehensive food and drink database with over 650,000+ verified items that can be added to your daily nutrition diary by scanning or searching. With engaging workout features and progress tracking tools, my Virtual Training Packages cater to both beginners and experienced athletes, and are designed to transform your lifestyle and fitness routine. 

Take the first step towards a new you.

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