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BombayJam Certification

Welcome to BombayJam®, the ultimate dance fitness total body workout that combines the fun and vibrant Bollywood culture with effective, safe, and easy-to-follow routines, packed with authentic Bollywood flavor!

BombayJam® is not just about fitness; it's about integrating fun and fitness into one explosive dance workout. This program incorporates cardio and toning routines, creating an action-packed total body workout. The routines are set to custom music mixes created by Bombay's hottest DJs, blending Bollywood and mainstream Top 40 tracks. The result is a refreshing, energizing, and universally appealing mix. The cardio routines feature easy-to-follow dance fitness moves infused with Bollywood flair, while the toning segment focuses on sculpting long, lean muscles. In just one hour, you can burn an impressive 800 calories!

Recognizing the high demand and love for Bollywood songs in Maldives, especially among females, and with Hindi songs being added to Zumba Fitness, we saw an opportunity to bring BombayJam Certification to Maldives. To introduce the program, we organized two Master Classes in Male City and one in Hulhumale at Fitzone. These events allowed people to experience firsthand what BombayJam is all about. The response was overwhelming, generating immense excitement and interest. As a result, we successfully certified approximately 25 BombayJam trainers in Maldives, conducted in two batches.

The BombayJam Certification in Maldives brings the exhilarating world of Bollywood dance fitness to the people of Maldives. With its unique blend of energetic routines, captivating music, and effective workout techniques, BombayJam provides a fun and effective way for individuals to stay fit and unleash their inner Bollywood star. Join us on this fitness journey and experience the thrill of BombayJam!

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