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Global Flow Rehab Workshop

Global Flow Shoulder Rehab

Fitness Academy Asia (FAA) collaborated with Steven Chew, Founder and CEO, Owner of the academy, to deliver an insightful and practical course on efficient and safe shoulder stability. This program successfully trained 25 dedicated participants in the art of teaching and achieving optimal shoulder stability.

The course provided participants with comprehensive knowledge and practical techniques to effectively teach and achieve efficient shoulder stability. By focusing on the practical teaching aspect, FAA ensured that participants received hands-on training, learned effective cues, and explored the necessary movements to master the art of shoulder stability.

Through FAA's expert guidance and Steven Chew's wealth of experience, participants gained a deep understanding of proper shoulder stability, enabling them to confidently apply these skills in their fitness training or teaching profession. Equipped with the necessary tools and techniques, participants left the course prepared to help others achieve perfect stability and avoid potential shoulder injuries.

Join FAA's Efficient Shoulder Stability Program and immerse yourself in a dynamic learning experience that combines theory and practical training. Develop your expertise in this crucial area of fitness and help individuals attain the strength and stability they need for a successful fitness journey. Enroll now and take the first step towards becoming a skilled and knowledgeable fitness professional.

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