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Mr.Fitzone 2016

We are excited to announce that the Mr. FitZone Bodybuilding Competition, in collaboration with Play Day World, was successfully hosted at Centro Mall on December 15th. This event aimed to provide young individuals with more opportunities to compete and serve as a stepping stone towards the prestigious Mr. Maldives competition.

The competition featured two categories: the Bodybuilding Open Category and the Fitness Physique Open Category. Participants from different backgrounds and fitness levels showcased their skills and physique on stage, creating a highly competitive and inspiring environment.

To ensure fairness, a joining fee of 500 MVR was required for each participant, except for FitZone members. Additionally, a minimum of 10 participants was required for the competition to proceed. It was also ensured that participants had not held any titles in previous competitions.

The winners of the Mr. FitZone Bodybuilding Competition received prestigious titles and generous cash prizes. In the Bodybuilding Open Category, the champion was crowned Mr. FitZone and awarded 30,000 MVR. In the Fitness Physique Open Category, the winner earned the title of Mr. Physique and received a prize of 15,000 MVR.

The Mr. FitZone Bodybuilding Competition was a thrilling event that celebrated the dedication and hard work of aspiring bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Whether as a competitor or spectator, attendees witnessed the passion, strength, and commitment to fitness excellence displayed by all participants. It was an exciting opportunity to witness the next generation of fitness

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