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Consent Form

Dear class participant,
We thank you for joining our fitness education courses. Before we begin this journey, kindly acknowledge on the following terms:-

Do you have any apparent medical condition which may be worsened with an increased in physical activity? If you answer 'Yes', please state your medical condition under 'Other..'
You will inform the educator in charge or us in writing ( should there be any arising medical condition during the course
You are well-informed that there may be high-risk activities which may cause body discomfort (e.g. heart, musculoskeletal, respiratory, metabolic discomfort…& etc). Hence, you will adjust the intensity based on your physical ability and that you will stop the physical activity when you deem beyond your physical limitation.
You agree to be in appropriate workout attire throughout the course as there may be physical activities conducted during the course.
You agree NOT to record or photograph the course, lectures, activity sessions and teaching materials. Failure to do so will be treated as infringement of intellectual property.
You agree we will record and capture the image of you in electronic form and use it in marketing activities.
You understand that the course aims to promote learning in class. Classroom is the field where participants share their experiences and thoughts while educators facilitate learning by helping to explain unclear concepts, run activities to enhance learning and lecture. Therefore, pre-course self-reading and post-course self-practice is VITAL part of this process.
Course fee (either paid or unpaid, amount will be based on total invoice amount) is NON-REFUNDABLE and must be paid fully (in the event, it is instalment based) even in the event you are unable to complete the course.
You agree that you will inform us via support+9607515118 or to the Managing Director ( should there be areas known to you that we can serve you better.

Thank you, we hope you have a lovely experience with us!

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