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Gym Assistant/Fitness Assistant

Amin Avenue Teak, Rabarugas Magu, 20124, Maldives

Job Type

Full Time


Legacy Fitness

About the Role

As a Fitness Assistant, your primary responsibility is to Position Overview:

As a Fitness Assistant, your primary responsibility is to provide supervision and support to members utilizing the exercise rooms, strength and free weight areas, and cardiovascular areas. You will play a crucial role in maintaining the safety, cleanliness, and welcoming atmosphere of these spaces, ensuring that participants have a positive experience while working towards their personal fitness goals.


* Clearly communicate and enforce all rules, policies, and procedures to members, promoting a safe and respectful environment.
* Offer guidance and advice to members regarding exercise routines and techniques.
* Assist participants in using fitness equipment safely and correctly.
* Provide proper spotting techniques in the weight room to ensure the safety of participants.
* Regularly inspect equipment for any safety issues and promptly report any damages or malfunctions.
* Perform preventative maintenance and clean equipment to maintain a hygienic and safe environment.
* Promote fitness programs to residents, delivering exceptional customer service and effectively managing any disagreements that may arise.
* Conduct opening and closing procedures as assigned.
* Be knowledgeable in safety management and emergency response protocols.
* Conduct tours for guests and new walk-in members as necessary.

Please note that these responsibilities are not exhaustive and may include additional duties as assigned by the supervisor.


Essential Qualifications:

*   Possess strong communication skills and the ability to articulate rules, policies, and procedures effectively.

*   Have knowledge in routine exercise and can provide guidance on fitness-related questions.

*   Demonstrate proper spotting techniques and the ability to assist participants in using fitness equipment safely.

*   Exhibit attention to detail in inspecting equipment for safety concerns and promptly reporting damages.

*   Maintain cleanliness of equipment and exercise areas.

*   Display excellent customer service skills and the ability to manage conflicts professionally.

*   Be familiar with opening and closing procedures.

*   Have knowledge in safety management and emergency response procedures.

*   Be capable of conducting tours for guests and new walk-in members.

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about fitness and creating a positive environment for our members. Join our team and contribute to the success of our Fitness Center!

Required Qualifications:

• Possess and maintain valid Fitness Certifications, CPR & First Aid Certifications. (If you do not currently have these certifications, Education and Training will be provided.)

• Attend staff trainings and meetings as requested by the supervisor.

• Commit to a minimum of 8 hours/day per week, with specific shift details provided.

• Be available for early mornings, nights, and weekends, especially for events.

Preferred Qualifications:

• Have a working knowledge of fitness and strength equipment at Legacy Fitness. (In-services will be provided to enhance knowledge.)

• Familiarity with the Recreation Fitness Program in order to provide excellent customer service in the Fitness Center. This includes Group Fitness, Personal Training, Recreation Classes, and upcoming Special Events.

Expectations from the Recreation Department:

• Knowledge: Stay informed about information shared at staff meetings, trainings, and within the staff manual. Follow all policies and procedures applicable to your position.

• Attitude: Maintain a positive attitude towards your job, as it directly reflects upon our department. Be professional and courteous with participants at all times.

• Initiative: Take initiative and demonstrate student leadership. We value your contribution and will entrust you with significant responsibilities.

• Integrity: Demonstrate honesty and accountability by promptly acknowledging and correcting any mistakes made.

• Appearance: As part of a service organization, your appearance represents the overall standing of the program. Maintain a well-groomed appearance, wearing your staff shirt and closed-toed shoes.

• Hygiene: Maintain good personal hygiene throughout your work hours, as you are a representative of the brand you work for. Ensure a pleasant odor is maintained.

We hold our employees to high standards and appreciate the dedication you will bring to this role. Your commitment to these expectations will contribute to the success of our team and the overall satisfaction of our participants.

About the Company

We understand exactly where you're coming from.
Many skilled personal trainers have seen their aspirations fade away amidst the challenges of running a business and the lack of support they encounter. But, when you become part of our Team, you can leave all those headaches behind. Our dedicated sales and marketing team will take care of finding clients for you allowing you to focus solely on showcasing your exceptional skills.

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