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Legacy Fitness Wraps Up Successful Year of Fitness Certifications in 2023


Dec 10, 2023

Fitness Edutraining Asia

Maldives - Legacy Fitness, the leading provider of quality fitness education, recently concluded a series of highly anticipated courses in 2023. Known for their commitment to delivering comprehensive training programs, Legacy Fitness has built a strong reputation in the fitness industry, catering to both fitness enthusiasts and existing trainers.

What sets Legacy Fitness apart is their focus on providing practical skills and practices that trainers can apply in their daily lives. In collaboration with Fitness Edutraining Asia, a renowned brand in Asia, Legacy Fitness aims to offer internationally recognized, job-oriented, language-friendly, and affordable training courses for fitness professionals. This partnership aims to uphold professionalism and integrity in the fitness industry.

Here are some of the courses that were successfully hosted by Legacy Fitness:

1. Bootcamp Instructor Training:

With the participation of 16 fitness enthusiasts, this course held in June 2023 aimed to introduce the fundamentals of running a group training program. It equipped new and experienced fitness trainers with the essential tools needed to design and deliver effective group personal training sessions. Participants also learned strategic methods to grow their group personal training business and turn their clients into dedicated brand ambassadors.

2. Certified Fitness Practitioner (CFP) Module 1:

The CFP certification, in collaboration with Fitness Edutraining Asia, revolutionizes personal training certification by producing highly employable and in-demand fitness professionals. This module focused on Exercise Coaching, teaching participants how to guide clients through exercises based on stability, mobility, and functional movements. The FEA A.C.T Model was introduced to explain the progression of exercises in resistance training. This was the fourth batch of the course held in Maldives, with over 18 participants taking part.

3. Bootylicious - Glutes Course:

With the modern sedentary lifestyle affecting gluteal muscle activation, the Bootylicious - Glutes Course addressed issues related to inactive gluteus muscles and provided effective solutions for maximizing training results. Participants learned about glute anatomy, exercise techniques to target gluteal muscles, and how to develop progressive hypertrophy programs. A total of 23 trainers from various fitness centers joined this course to enhance their skills in training for maximum glute size.

4. Bump & Beyond: Training Postpartum Clients:

The recently concluded Bump & Beyond course aimed to support fitness professionals in helping new mothers during their postpartum journey. Many new mothers are unaware of the benefits of starting foundational exercises soon after childbirth to aid in recovery from postpartum issues such as Diastasis Recti (DR) and pelvic floor trauma. The course provided guidance on understanding various types and processes of childbirth and designing customized training programs. Topics covered included postpartum concerns, contraindications, postural issues, abdominal care, and nutritional guidelines. Thirteen participants upgraded their skills in this course.

Legacy Fitness has expressed its commitment to hosting more courses in the coming years and is currently working on a calendar for 2024. This allows interested participants to plan their schedules accordingly. Legacy Fitness welcomes comments and requests for fitness specializations that locals and residents are interested in pursuing.

With their dedication to delivering high-quality fitness education, Legacy Fitness continues to make a significant impact on the fitness industry in the Maldives.

For more information, please contact Legacy Fitness at 4001300 and 9431300

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