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Boost your energy

Do you know the food that you eat can even have an impact on the quality of your relationships? Maybe you felt too muzzy or tired after a meal, and the whole day isn't going anywhere productive. Or you might find yourself not being able to focus during important meetings or enjoying a quality time with your life partner. Black and White truth of this matter is, when we consume the wrong kinds of food our body promptly responds with low energy and moody mind.

You might wonder now, what are the right food that can make your day a little lighter, happier or more energized. Include these five foods in your daily meals that sure will soak up all that good stuff.

I know you will find it lame to find Water in this list. But dehydration is the most common thing that happens among all of us, specially among women. Whether its by adding lemon to your water, or 100Plus or any isotonic water, Drink up! Because without it your brain cant work properly. I dont mean 8 glasses, but enough for you to function through out the day. Do not forget to combine that with proper exercise; Stretch, walk run or do yoga consistently and you will feel more energized.

How does adding lemon to your water increases energy level? Well, fruits in general are energy boosters, but, citrus fruits stimulate the sensory systems in your brain, in simple terms it basically gives the power to wake you up. Its said that the smell of an orange or grapefruit enlivens your senses and sharpen your focus, which is why in many diet plans we put a big focus on putting something that has citrus.

So next time if you have a major project or assignment that you have to complete by the end of the day, start your day with a juicy orange, manderines or grapefruit. then I assure you, you would have a better day.

Some of you may think that putting Dark chocolate in this list is not the best thing, Yes, I am very well aware that it contains sugar, however if you choose a chocolate that has low sugar you are getting all the nutrition your body needs. Dark chocolate provides you with vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Often at times it does give caffeine as well. Keep small, single portions in your desk and sneak a treat when you need an energy boost. Remember! Not too much.

Morever, fats help your body use energy over a longer period of time, it also keeps you from crashing after snacking. Best source of this could be nuts as it gives your body a variety of vitamins, minerals and dietary fats. For a healthier option, you can go for sprouted or raw nuts.

Last but not least is one of the most important thing in this list. Including Dark Green Leafy Veggies in your daily routine such as kale, broccoli, spinach and cabbage would supply your body with enough fiber. You should be at least having 2-4 cups per week. That way you'll find yourself more happy and energized.

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