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How to stick to your plan

Losing weight is one of the hardest thing that most of us face in our fitness journey. It requires a lot of commitment, time and dedication. The truth is it really doesn't matter what routine or program you are following, if you are committed to make a lifestyle change there is no stop to that. But that doesn’t mean it should be dull or boring at any moment. Especially when it comes to working out. Be creative in your own way! Mix thing up. Here are some ways to keep your self motivated to finish what you started.

We all have different reasons why we go to gym. For some it maybe to release the stress, for others it maybe to lose a certain weight. Perhaps you started because of the lack of self confidence when you look yourself in the mirror or that insecurity. Or maybe you wanted to feel energetic and cant stand the feeling of being less than you know you are worth. The first rule to make your journey a successful one is to write your goal down, whatever it is, and make sure you think of it at any moment you might want to give up and you work your ass of to achieve that. Trust me! It will be all worth in the long run.

I have used this in one of my interviews, "Think yourself as an artist. And your body as your own canvas. " Meaning painting your body and beautiful is totally in your hands. Serve your body as a temple, with respect and you will find yourself capable of more than just running or lifting some dumbbells. I get it you want six packs, you want to pack on some muscles and look like the guy on the magazine. or have a booty like that model you saw on Instagram. The pictures can sure be motivating, but always keep in mind that you are competing against a version of yourself that you didn't like. Whatever it is do your best to make that change. You have all the tools that you need to paint your body in any way you seem fit!

In addition to this, for a successful journey one thing you would definitely need by your side would be your friends. I do not mean just anyone. Supportive friends who would cheer on you. Who would support you and compete you to push you through your limits. Having someone by your side would truly push you further than being all awkward-ed out in the gym. So if you are that guy who sits in a corner afraid of making it to the weights area make your friend come along. It will keep you far away from cheating from your goal.

Moreover, checking your progress from time to time would keep you motivated enough to go along your journey. Have it noted down in clear, tidy sheets and make sure they are readable. Then you can see what you need to improve and where you are now from the goal you wanted to achieve and keep yourself moving towards that.I think we all know by now that the key ingredient in losing weight is Patience. It doesn't happen overnight. or by popping a pill or two. It requires a lot of time. So do not get depressed if losing weight is not going as fast as you hoped. After all steady progress is a sign that you are doing everything properly.

I know when i say this most of you would probably be following a random diet they see online. Be it bodybuilders, people who are looking for an extreme transformation. Most of my clients did the same thing before they hired me too. In the end most didn't bring a positive result for the clients. The thing with online articles and diets is that at times it may quite not work for you, Rather than picking a diet you think that would work for you consult a nutritionist and physician or hire a trainer that would show you what needed to be done. or what is the most suitable for your body so that you can ensure you are on the track.

Lastly, embrace the whole journey and not just the end goal. Do not focus only on your lost pounds, or the lost inches in your hips. In the end when you come out of the process you would be gaining on healthy habits, more strength and I think that the best prize your mind can get.

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