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Is Anaerobic Training the only way to reduce fat?

A summer clean body; something we all dream of, Isn't it? We live in an era of technology where media has been almost completely taken over. It has been considered as the major window for learning and is also considered to be the main window to the world. which in turn made life easy for those who are finding excuses.

However when it comes to loosing weight, there are a million different theories on what exercises are most effective. Some do it by running on the treadmill for hours, some sticks to weights while the rest of us mix it all up. In most magazines and news its highlighted that aerobic training is the only way to reduce fat or body weight. Well this is one of the big-gest misconceptions in the exercise and weight loss world.

What exactly is aerobic training? Lets just close our eyes and imagine you exercising. You're sweating to hell, you're breathing hard, your heart is thumping, blood is coursing through your vessels to deliver oxygen to the muscles to keep you moving, and you sustain the activity for more than just a few minutes. That is what we call aerobic training or cardio. It in fact is the most important component of physical fitness. When your muscles needs oxygen your aerobic system must be able to deliver it to them efficiently.

Also when looking at the aerobic training deeper, we see how important it could be to a certain human being. Firstly, a well designed aerobic exercise program will give you more energy to do the activities you enjoy or in a simple phrase aerobic training increases your level of available energy. It also improves the quality of your life as well as the quantity of your life. Moreover to those who are facing depression in their everyday life there is no tranquilizer better than exercise. Not just depression, be it cancer, stress, anxiety, cardiovascular diseases. Researchers have also found that people who exercises goes to sleep more quickly and sleep more soundly and are refreshed than most individuals that who does not exercise. So therefore aerobic exercises improves the quality of sleep and mental sharpness too. It also has another possible function which is of substantial interest to most individuals who spends a lot of time working out. It burns fats. Something we all have doubt of. While our lives depends on this media we call social its true that we would believe whatever it is on the newspaper or some lame old magazine. I know i would too.

Strength training and diet in fact is the key to losing body fat. However, when thinking about it and the results, most think of the heavily muscled bodybuilders that plaster the covers of magazines such as Men's Fitness. Its no doubt that the models that graces the covers of these very magazines are simply models that are hired to sell magazines and not a realistic result of someone who strength trains. Millions of people around the world have spent hours and hours per week on the treadmill trying to lose weight, they in fact struggled more on the elliptical trainer, bike and versa climber too making their self crazy in the process. yet none of this helped them to keep the pounds off.

But lets just assume or say that aerobic training is the only solution for fat loss. Imagine how things would turn out for most of the people. Look around us, i am sure a dozen of you wakes up early morning to run around the park or be it, around your yard. If that is the case, each and everyone who crosses that finish line would have so much low body fat. Why would anyone do anything beside that then if there is no any other way to fat loss. Aerobic training or cardio sure has its place in every fitness program but it should be part of a balanced program including strength training and diet as well. Yet we are told thousands of times that cardio is the key to weight loss.

Ask yourself how exactly do you exercise in order to lose weight and how effective is it? I am sure most of us would probably say, I run for hours but it doesn't effect me. Maybe i should increase the speed/intensity or run more often for a longer period of time. Whats the use of doing things that isn't working much? While there are better ways we keep doing the same thing over and over again and still expecting a different result. In order to truly rev up the metabolism and to get rid of the body fat once and for all there is really no better substitute than strength training. Muscles burns fat, it builds strength, reshapes your body, Sure you might gain a little weight but as long as the body fat goes down, i think this is better.

The truth is the more leaner your muscle mass is, the less fat you will have. Our muscles actually burns fat by burning calories for hours after a workout. If you are doing aerobic training alone, you would observe yourself getting more hungrier than usual. You burn a few measly calories and then you eat twice as many afterward. What would the result be then. More weight gains and most of the times lots of it. In my opinion i think choosing anaerobic endurance training, body weight, resistance training, weight training, skipping, swimming, cycling or running, is the best way which without this you are pretty much doomed

Being a trainer is a big task, to be able to construct a clients body according to his or her own goals or needs. That is something we must be very familiar with. But in order to do that we must first know what and not to give to a specific client. Depending on his or her health history . Suppose if a client with a goal of to lose weight with in a shorter period of time this can be very helpful too. Sure cardiovascular exercises is essential to a better health, but it is not the only path towards fat loss. Effective and efficient fat loss comes from a combination of both strength training and dieting. Our clients are depending on our knowledge. We must be ready to separate fact from fiction, we must make our clients know what we are making them do why and how for that matter. As a trainer we must be able to make sense out of doubt about aerobic training. And tell them how good aerobic training can be to health and for those who are always running on treadmill, pushing them forward to strength training and suggesting them better and more effective ways for fat loss.

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