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Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water in Morning

How do you start off your day? Perhaps its with a cup of coffee before going to the work or a light snack before heading to the gym. Lets add something to your morning that will help you in alot of ways; lemon water.

Lemon, the most versatile and popular citrus fruits, It has a sweet acidic note that adds warmth and lightness to anything it touches. With its distinctively refreshing tang, you’ll find lemon everywhere: from drinks to juices, mains to desserts, teas to cocktails, and even in non-food products like candles and perfumes. On top of all that, it also supports the digestive system and weight loss efforts. There’s no doubt lemons are delicious, but does adding them to water make you healthier?

Here are ways your body may benefit from drinking lemon water

1. It promotes hydration

The best thing about a glass of lemon water in the morning is that it starts your day off right, by giving you the liquid your body craves after a night's sleep. Lemon juice makes the water tastier and more enjoyable, encouraging you to drink it. To truly maximize the effect, make sure to add more than a single wedge to your glass, and try to drink it consistently over a significant amount of time.

2. Improves immunity

Its best known for their Vitamin C. Without enough Vitamin C, it is unable to defend against certain bacteria, viruses, germs, fungi, and parasites. Getting more Vitamin C can essentially improve your body's natural immunity and defenses against pathogens. Remember having to drink orange juice every time you catch a cold or a flu? Its because it can help to reduce both the severity and duration of the cold. You'll get better faster, and the symptoms of your cold won't be quite as bad.

3. It freshens breath and other strong smells

Ever tried lemon to control a certain odor? Often times we use lemon on our hands to combat a strong smell. Its also found in cat litter, and different detergents and perfumes. It can help you in your bad breath as well. Excess bacteria as a result of dry mouth is often the culprit when it comes to bad breath, so drinking lemon water in the morning will stimulate your saliva and keep your mouth hydrated.

4. It aids in digestion

Lemon is a very acidic food so that it can contribute to problems like stomach cramps or ulcers. If you’re struggling to stay ‘regular’ and want to stimulate your bowel movements, lemon water can support your digestive system by acting as a natural laxative. Lemon juice can also help your body to absorb the aluminum hydroxide in the antacid you're taking to deal with the acid reflux. Drinking more water can help to reduce the risk of constipation, and the lemon will help to stimulate healthy digestion and elimination of waste. It also contains vitamins and minerals that help eliminate toxins in the gastrointestinal tract, allowing you to flush toxic waste from your body.

5. It improves skin quality

Sipping on lemon water in the morning has been a popular remedy for a multitude of skin problems ranging from rashes and dark spots to acne. Vitamin C found in lemons may help reduce skin wrinkling, dry skin from aging, and damage from the sun. How water improves skin is controversial, but one thing is certain. If your skin loses moisture, it becomes dry and prone to wrinkles.

6. It aids in weight loss

Lemon water can increase your metabolic rate, which in addition to lemon’s digestive qualities, can promote weight loss in some people. Moreover, the polyphenol antioxidants found in lemons have been shown to reduce weight gain due to a high-fat diet and also has a positive effect on insulin resistance. Finally, high-pectin fiber found in lemons is yet another effective component when it comes fighting hunger and cravings.

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