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Lifting Weights wont make you look like She-Hulk

"Lifting will make me look big", "I dont want to look manly so can we stick to cardio". As a personal trainer, I dont know the number of times I have heard most of my clients dismiss strength training saying they would rather tone up than having to look like Hulk. Being a women who lifts heavy weights wont make you bulky, manly or look like a she-Hulk. In fact, it will do quite the opposite. here are few reasons why strength training is for every women.

Today, more and more women are coming out to this field. More are picking up heavy weights, increasing their strength and power than you can imagine. While you are missing out legs, She is lifting 135lbs. Fitness has quite grown over the past few years as you can see. I know because I manage a gym where majority of the members are females. Despite the popularity, there are so many believers in that "weightlifting will make me bulky and masculine" crap.

The black and white truth of this matter is that women have 1/15 to 1/20th amount of testosterone as men. When you pick up heavy it makes your muscles get stronger. You know those women bodybuilders who look really bulky? They eat, train, and take supplements specifically so that they would look like that. Its hours and hours. years and years of working towards that goal. So unless you plan to inject yourself full of testosterone, it is not genetically possible to develop a hulk-like physique.

So, don't you think Its time to toss our your pink rubber dumbbells and start moving some serious weights? Afterall, lifting heavy is the key to building metabolism, reviving muscle, leaning out and feeling stronger.

Firstly, Lifting weights will increase your lean body mass which increases the number of overall calories you burn during the day. This means if you are adding more lean muscle on your body, the calories you are burning outside the gym would be even more no matter what it is you are doing. Moreover, It builds your confidence, since lifting weight is a great way to get the shape of the body that you are seeking. Most of the times I see most female clients spend more time on elliptical, bike or on the treadmill for hours trying to burn fat. but the real secret to a tighter body, that makes you look good in tops you are trying to wear for years is not simply by burning off every ounce of jiggle with cardio. What is it that you want? A perkier bum? More defined arms and back? Look good naked? If you are really looking to improve your overall fitness or shape of your body lifting weights is a very important component. If you want a specific amount of muscle mass, you are looking at four to five days of lifting a week combined with cardio.

Check out one of the transformation I came across on instagram. @pickle.b

"I've been doing CrossFit for just over two years now, and I have never felt more confident or as capable as I do now thanks to lifting. My arms and shoulders actually have visible muscle separation, my glutes are bigger and perkier, and I have real quads," Nichole says "I feel like I can wear whatever the hell I want because I love my body so much, not only for how it looks but also for what it can do. Lifting is the best thing I have ever done for myself."—Nicole

In addition to this losing weight doesn't only come with working out or throwing some dumbbells on the floor. A clean and healthy diet comes in to play as well. We all know that. So lets say you are doing resistance training for about 3-4 days per week and then if you are not eating more calories than you expend in a day it would not result in a muscle growth. If you are still afraid to grab some pairs of dumbbells thinking it will make you look like a she-hulk, let go of that thought once and for all. Or get advice from a trainer who can make a personalized-custom workout for you. Stick to it and start your journey on feeling stronger and sexier.


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