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Newbies VS Limiting Factor

Throughout our lives, we set goals or standards in what we do. Goal setting gives you a long-term vision and short-term motivation. It also gives you the confidence you need to achieve higher and more difficult goals.Without goal's you are going to have no direction, no ambition to be successful, no drive to stay in school, and trouble finding a career that will provide for you. Without these three things, achieving your goals is going to be one of the toughest tasks in the years to come. Lets say you have a goal. Lets say you want to change the way you are. To a new, perfectly, fit, you. Lets say you want to loose or gain some amount for a set date. And you are working your ass off to achieve that goal. Now you have motivation, now you have a goal to achieve for, there are two kinds of peoples in this very earth. People who wishes for something and never does anything to achieve that and the kind that moves mountains, do whatever they would need to do.

The fact is that whatever it is, the results may not come within a night or just by eating a pill. No one can promise you an overnight success. All you have got to do is deal with the time. And let the time flow doing your best, reaching your limits and even further. There goes a saying abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym. You should know that if one way didn't work the other easier way is always there. Intead beating around the bush, going the high way with everything there is always an easier path. Nutrition and Exercise is something very related to one another. No matter how hardcore you go in the gym if you don't look after your diet there wont be much affect from the workout. Recent researches have even proved that what you eat after and before your workout is the difference between you meeting your goals.

I know, i know you are tired. I know you have thirty kids, i know you work 1000 hours per week. I have heard it all. We work with clients of all ages, shapes and sizes. We hear millions of excuses everyday preventing them from reaching their goals. Like i just mentioned, different people have different goals they try to achieve different things in life. One may want to get fat and the other one might want to lose alot. This is how things works most of the time. I asked three different peoples who recently started the gym why they joined and what they want to achieve and the life they live in, how busy they were or not and what are the reasons that are keeping them away from the goals they set. According to the answers, i knew they didn't have much experience or knowledge about the field. One person is so occupied with life that he misses a lot of meals and sleeps once in a blue moon. Going 24 hours without sleep is similar to performing with blood alcohol level of 0.10%. Mostly he gets too tired after a workout and is short tempered. Almost like everyday feels dizzy and vomits. Skips breakfast and then overeats when he gets to and then again repeating the same thing the next day too. He ignores the hunger cues due to his busy schedule. But is it the solution?

And then there is the girl who use food as her happiness. Stress eating, eating on depression. Most of us whenever we face a breakup, or a hard situation in life we sit on the sofa tune to a lame old TV show and rewinds the memories that once were the best moment in life while eating ice cream. For those, they are so focused into whatever it is they are eating and for that moment all is well. However, It doesn't solve or cure the feeling of an uncomfortable emotion. It simply is just a distraction which is temporary. And then there is the worst kind of intake of food. Sugar sweetened beverage, something she cant live without. Not just her, even majority of us would feel the same. I questioned a young teenager who weighs around 170lbs, what he is doing and what is the reason he cant push himself towards his goals. "Man, I don't know i try, you know. I go on diets, i eat less, i starve myself to death, i don't know whats wrong with me, I didn't lose a bit yet, I check the weight every day, but nothing is changing. But i do eat a lot in weekends. Its my cheat day, come on. Do you think i should let that go too? "

The truth is if someone is looking for excuses they will find them. If someone is looking for solutions they would find them too. It is totally up to them to choose whether they want to come out of that process happier healthier and fit. Sure you would get busy. There might come nights which you will have to stay up all night too. But then again its your choice to get time; to sleep, do things and finish them beforehand instead of piling all of them together and waiting for last minute. Sleep is very important to a human being that wants to construct his or her own body according to their dream bodies. We need recovery to be able to do a workout more efficient and effective. When was the last time you slept comfortably? To those who are skipping meals, getting hungrier later on wards and eats more than they can handle, there is no better solution than waking up to eat breakfast so that you can start the day with a little bit of strength and freshness in your mind. If you want something no one can force you to do it, it doesn't affect any of us but you. Make wise decisions, try to avoid fancy snacks. Try to switch from soda to water and i am sure it will cause a great impact on your health and weight. It will be hard but its worth it. Trust me. We need to stop using food as a stress releas-er, in fact exercise has been the best tranquilizer which will definitely keep you away from stress, depression and any kind of emotions that is bothering you. Lift weights, drop that anger in the gym. Try to reach harder. Inch by inch. Make the ones that left you regret it. You see that's how you try for success. You collect hours and hours of pain. You are fighting against the greatest victory. Victory over yourself. Don't be demotivated by seeing a little gain on the scale. Stop judging yourself and Trust yourself.

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