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Why I became a personal trainer!

I think a lot of people have body insecurities. We grow up in a society that promotes them, especially the media. We are brought up in a generation filled with photoshopp-ed pictures of men and women and heroes that have more abs than I have fingers and ads encouraging us to get that "perfect beach body", Girls are told they need to have collarbones that can be seen miles away, and for boys all that matters is their hair, abs or jawlines, like unless our bodies look a certain way, we cannot enjoy ourselves at the beach.

I looked myself into the mirror and this is what I saw, Skinny, scrawny,hollow cheeked guy with nothing to offer. I was ashamed of myself for so long, If anyone have told me that I could inspire anyone with my words, I'd have laughed at them, cause i was far too cynical, jaded and blunt to ever succeed in that. Fitness became a passion of me since i was very little, as my father is one of the top trainers I know among the country. I have always admired the work he does. Well, the true interest grew on me after seeing what Health and Fitness in general does to your body, sometimes with or without you knowing. You see, it really is a very broad field though it may look so easy.

Its true, a client comes to us expecting a lot of help from us, they expect us to push them through all that is hard and keep them motivated all the times. As a personal trainer we have to approach the needs and goals of each one of our customers in a unique way. That means we have to mold or create a routine that works best for their body, their fitness background and their level of confidence. No two days need ever be the same. Yes, lots of the movements you might teach will be the same, but the people you train won’t be. Not only will the people you train be different, but so will the motivations they each have for training; rehab, prehab, transformation challenges, sports-specific training, lifesaving changes.Truth is we have to work with each client with a different approach. The routine that works best for me might not work best for my clients. As a trainer it is really important that you are aware of all this and the outcomes that it will do on your client.

The one thing that motivated me to go through the field itself is the desire to help people live a healthier lifestyle. I have been a trainer who is specialized in weight loss, weight gain, group fitness, and fitness nutrition for quite a long time, and over the years. I have worked with a lot of clients who had the same problem I had. And well, maybe more. The aim was always to help my clients improve to the point where they can complete their exercises confidently and independently. Being a personal trainer allows you to push your clients through their limits and to see them more confident in themselves after seeing that they are capable of more than they imagined.

Before making the decision of being a personal trainer, I had a pretty nonchalant attitude to exercise. Being a trainer itself, requires me to be fit and healthy everyday. The one thing i noticed when people hire personal trainer is that the image plays a huge role in it. Who would want a plump as your personal trainer? If anyone of you know me better, you would know that most of my times, i spend it in the gym. Being a personal trainer is a fashion these days, look around us. Its good seeing that youth are more interested in this field and trying to build a career from what they love. To those of you, I would say that this field is a field that allows you to specialize in a wide assortment of niches. For instance, you could concentrate on youth development, senior, rehab. Anything you seem fit for you. You can literally cater your career more closely to your interests. In the end, nothing will give you a greater satisfaction than your clients leaving with their goal achieved. With each and every client I personally had, i have seen a gradual transformation. The positive energy is seriously contagious – not only will you feel a strong sense of satisfaction through the fruits of your labor but you’ll feel a huge sense of job satisfaction as you are instrumental in the success of each client you work with

Check out my intro video here:

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