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Tshirt - Bandah Baaru Laabala
  • Tshirt - Bandah Baaru Laabala

    With my vision serving as both my greatest strength and weakness, I have always been curious about how others perceive me. Throughout my extensive 7-year tenure in this field, I have been fortunate enough to inspire numerous individuals. However, I have often felt a sense of lagging behind. As I approach what could potentially be the most significant milestone in my career, I am determined to leave an indelible mark on my clients. Eager to discover the elements that evoke memories of our time together, I extensively surveyed my clients. The results were astonishingly delightful. This artwork is a direct reflection of those moments, encapsulating my habitual phrases, the words that resonate most with my clients, and the symbols that remind me of them.

    One such symbol is "Bandah Baarulaabala" — an expression familiar to my clients, reminding them to focus on their abdominal muscles during ab exercises, with a striking emphasis on the core. It is a phrase that will surely be etched in their minds and one that resonates with all of my clients universally.

      Color: Black
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