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Informed Consent & Assumption of Risk

I, the undersigned, being aware of my own health and physical condition, and having knowledge that my participation in Personal Training may cause injury, am voluntarily choosing to participate in the program. There are always certain risks associated with any physical activity. I understand these risks and declare myself physically sound and capable to participate in the program offered through Ryaash.

The Personal Training is a service designed to guide me, safely and effectively, through an appropriate individualized fitness/exercise regime based on my initial fitness assessment and goal assessment. Following the completion of a health history form and possibly a doctor’s note and an initial consultation, I will be given an individual exercise program that focuses on increasing fitness to prepare me for normal activities of daily living. I realize that I have the option to discontinue any activity upon my own discretion. I also realize that all information obtained about myself through this program will be kept in strict confidence within the Personal Training Program.

In making this activity available for your participation, Ryaash assumes no responsibility for injury. The responsibility is assumed entirely by the participant. Participants should have adequate personal insurance coverage.

Health Screening Policy

All clients must complete a PAR-Q before they start their exercise program. They may also be required to provide a letter of medical clearance from their doctor in some cases.

Fee Charging Policy

In consideration of the Service, all sessions will be paid according to the session rates charged at the time of booking. Payment for single sessions will be paid for at the end of the session. Payment for block bookings will be paid for in advance, with each individual session being booked on a week-by-week basis.

Ryaash, reserves the right to change weekly session slots as necessary. All purchased sessions/credits must be completed within 1 month of purchase or they will be forfeited. 

Transfers are to be made payable to: RIYAS RIYAZ
Account Number: 7730000325987

The Client understands that it is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that the dates and times booked are correct. To cancel a booked session, the Client must notify Ryaash either in person or by phone, text or email. In the event of cancellation by Ryaash, Ryaash is responsible for notifying the Client of any such cancellation.

Late Arrivals

Ryaash is only required to wait for 20 minutes past the agreed start time. After this Ryaash may leave the premises and the will forfeit the amount for the session. If the Client, arrives within the 20 minutes Ryaash will complete the time left of the original session. No extra time will be given.


If Ryaash is more than 10 minutes late on arrival to the session, the Client can have a full hour from the time that Ryaash arrives (if convenient), or the Client can have the remaining time of the session added on to another session

Waiver & Indemnity

In consideration of services or property provided, I, for myself, my heirs, personal representatives and assigns, do hereby release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Ryaash and their respective board members, trustees, faculty, instructors, officers, agents, advisors, employees, affiliates, members, volunteers, staff, heirs, assigns, and representatives, (collectively, the “Releasees”) from any and all claims including, not by way of limitation, any claims arising from negligence of releasees or any of them resulting in personal injury, accidents or illnesses (including death) and/or property loss arising from or relating in any way to participation in the Activity, the use of facilities in connection with the Activity, and/or travel before, during or after the Activity.

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Releasees from any and all claims, actions, suits, procedures, costs, expenses, damages and liabilities, including attorney’s fees, and to reimburse Releasees for any such expense incurred in connection with or as a result of (a) Participant’s participation in the Activity or (b) travel associated with the Activity or arising in connection with or as a result of any attempt by anyone, including, not by way of limitation, Participation or anyone claiming on Participant’s behalf, to avoid the terms of this document which I freely sign.

I have read this document in its entirety, fully understand its terms, and understand that I am giving up substantial rights – including my right to sue. I know, understand and appreciate these and other risks that are inherent in the Activity. I expressly agree and assert that participation in the Activity is voluntary and I knowingly assume all such risks and elect to proceed with the participation despite all the risks. I acknowledge that I am signing this document freely and voluntarily and intend, by my signature, the complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law.

Having such knowledge, I do hereby release Ryaash, the directors, employees and trainers of all liability related to injuries or accidents to myself which may occur as a result of participation in the Personal Training Program. I hereby assume all risks connected therewith and consent to participate in the Personal Training Program.

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